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Boston Bruins Boston Bruins Jersey History

Welcome to the site!

I have been collecting gameworn jerseys for quite some time, and I wanted to create a resource where collectors and fans could work together to document the history of the Boston Bruins gameworn jerseys. Hence, this site is all about sharing information specific to the history of the Boston Bruins gameworn jerseys or "sweaters" for the purists out there.

This site is a guide - it IS NOT a bible. It is very important to note that every effort has been made to share information I believe to be true and, when possible, I will try to sight sources where it makes sense. If you discover any misinformation or would like to add additional clarity for any given section, please feel free to email me with the details and, when possible, include high-resolution photos of the jersey(s) in question.

As those of us that have been in the hobby for a while can attest, the Bruins (and just about every other NHL team) did some crazy things with their game jerseys over the years and, where possible, I will try to report on some of the known descrepencies for any given season.

While I may be the one building these web pages and displaying the content and photos, this is truly a team effort, and I would very much like to thank those that contribute and support this effort. That said, the content contained is copyrighted and shall not be reused for any purpose without direct permission from myself.

I have so many collector friends that I constantly lean on - easily too many to mention them all, but I would like to give a quick shout out to a few: Brian, Rick, Bryan, John, Anythony, Paul, David, Larry, Harvey, Nick, Donnie, Milt and Mitch. Thank you all for your friendship and knowledge. You truly keep the hobby fun.

Hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.

Many Thanks for stopping by,