About Frosty's Hockey World

I am a longtime fan, player and collector of all things hockey. Being a goalie myself, I focus much of my collecting on acquiring goalie cards, gameworn jerseys, sticks and photographs.

My collection focuses primarily on Boston Bruins and Worcester Ice Cats goalie jerseys but, as you will see, I have many other player jerseys as well.

In addition to gameworn jerseys and equipment, I collect pucks, cards, programs, etc. One of my goals is to collect one of each goalie trading card produced from 1910 - 1990. Happy to say I believe I am very close to putting a check in the checkbox on this one and at some point I plan to add the cards to this website as well.

Website History
Frosty's Hockey World originated back in 1996 when I took my love of hockey history and moved it to the Internet with a simple website that I created that allowed hockey trivia fans from around the world to stop by and test their hockey trivia knowledge. Unfortunately, in 1998 due to life's twists and turns such as my professional career, my beautiful children tugging on my arms for some attention and the fact that my old Compuserve account expired I was forced to abandon the site.  If you happen to stop by and were an old fan of the site, please make sure you drop me a note to say "hello" and the really great thing is we are now back online and even better than before!

Many Thanks for stopping by,